how to polish ikea furniture

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Use afurniture paste or waxas polish. Wax is best for camouflaging scratches,but make sure that the color matches the wood as closely as possible. Rub in the paste or wax with a clean,soft rag and let it rest for 5 minutes.

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  • How to paint IKEA furniture?

  • STEP 1: Start disassembling your IKEA furniture. STEP 2: Clean any dirt and grime that has collected on the furniture. STEP 3: Sand all sides to be painted. STEP 4: Cover with oil-based paint primer. STEP 5: Apply a second coat of primer and wait for it to dry completely. STEP 6: Lightly sand and paint the IKEA furniture.

  • How to make IKEA furniture look expensive?

  • When you have sanded over the whole piece with a rough sanding pad, you can wipe off the dust with a damp rag. One way to make IKEA furniture look expensive is by sanding the outer edges of your piece slightly.

  • How do I clean and Polish the furniture?

  • You can clean and polish the furniture with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth. Always wipe the furniture in the wood grain direction when you dust and remember that regular dusting will keep the piece looking great.

  • What is the best way to seal IKEA furniture?

  • If you painted your IKEA furniture with chalk paint, some say that the best way to go is by sealing with wax. I would tend to disagree. Wax sealed pieces give a nice velvety finish but are not as durable as pieces sealed with acrylic varnishes.

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