how to place your furniture

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In a large living room with lots of windows,arrange furniture front and center. Seating arrangements should face each other, no more than 8 feet apart, encouraging conversation. Anchor the seating with a large area rug.

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  • How do you arrange the furniture in your living room?

  • How you arrange the furniture in your living room will depend on the shape and size of your room, the items you need to arrange, the number of people in your household, and the position of doors, fireplaces and windows. If you檙e having trouble deciding where to place everything, here are some options for inspiration.

  • How important is furniture placement in the living room?

  • From family game nights to book club gatherings, the living room is a social hub. The proper placement of the room’s furniture goes a long way toward making the space feel welcoming. Nothing is worse than living room layouts攏o matter how attractive攚here people have to perch against the walls, as if stuck there by magnetic force.

  • How to choose the right furniture for your space?

  • Try to limit yourself to only one piece of oversized furniture in a single room. Too many and it will look crowded and cheap. Create an open arrangement. When you arrange the seating in the room, it should appear open and inviting when standing at the entrance to the room (or at least the main entrance).

  • How far apart should furniture be placed in a room?

  • Distance the furniture appropriately. When place seating in an area that will be used for conversation, such as living room furniture, you should be careful not to put the items too far apart or too close together. Roughly 6? feet (1.8?.4 m) for seating pieces facing each other is a good rule of thumb.

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