how to paint plastic outdoor furniture

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Apply a coat of spray paint. Use a combination paint and primer designed for use on plastic or prime the surface with a plastic-specific primer first. A satin finish is recommended for plastic surfaces.

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  • Can you spray paint plastic outdoor furniture?

  • Spray painting outdoor plastic items like old lawn chairs, planters, or garden decor is a great way to give them a new look. Rather than tossing your old outdoor plastic out and replacing it with more of the same, pick up a can or two of spray paint from your local home improvement store and get creative!

  • What kind of paint do you use on outdoor furniture?

  • Conventional spray paints work best for painting outdoor furniture made of wicker, wood and metal. There is special spray paint formulated for outdoor plastic furniture. When painting furniture, smaller brushes and rollers are better. If your paintbrush is full of dried paint, you can revive it with a soak in brush cleaner.

  • How do you paint plastic chairs without damaging them?

  • It made some marks, but they were gone after the lawn was mowed. If this isn an option for you, use a drop cloth or old sheet. Spray each chair with a thin coat of spray paint for plastic. Hold the can about 10 inches from the surface of the plastic chair and keep the can moving while you spray.

  • How do you make paint stick to plastic furniture?

  • Apply a full coat of a primer designed for use with latex paint. This will help ensure your paint adheres to the furniture you’re painting. Since plastic does not hold paint as well as other materials, an adhesion primer is vital to make your top coat last.

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