how to paint laminate furniture without primer

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  • Can you paint laminate furniture without priming or sanding?

  • A: Like most rules, there always an exception, so YES, you can paint laminate furniture without sanding or priming IF you use the right kind of paint. You can skip the primer if you are painting laminate furniture with chalk paint.

  • How do you paint laminate furniture?

  • To paint laminate furniture, start by sanding down the surface using 120-grit sandpaper so that the paint will stick better. Next, apply an oil-based primer with a brush or roller and wait 4 hours for it to dry.

  • How to paint or primer furniture?

  • Before you can start painting or priming, you need to clean the furniture with sugar soap and wipe it down with water. This will remove dirt, grime and grease, giving you a smooth and clean surface to paint. Remove any fixtures like handles and keep them safe.

  • What is the best primer for laminate furniture?

  • Zinsser BIN Primer ?This primer is shallac based and sticks to all surfaces ?including laminate furniture ?without sanding. This primer goes on in smooth, thin coats.

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