how to paint geometric shapes on furniture

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  • How do you paint geometric patterns on a wall?

  • Using painters tape (I personally have the best luck with ScotchBlue Painters tape but used whatever I had at home for this project) begin placing your geometric design on your accent wall. Make sure your tape is flat against the wall with no ridges popping up on the side. This will ensure a smooth line when removing the paint.

  • How do you paint shapes on a wall with tape?

  • Use a roller to fill in the shape (The roller will help keep a consistent texture to the wall). Remove the tape at a backwards 45 angle while the paint is still tacky. Let dry for four hours. Use the painter tape to tape off the outside border of the shapes for your second color.

  • How to paint geometric wall art with frog tape?

  • Using frog tape mark out where you will paint the geometric wall art. The frog tape is peeled off after the painting and what leaves the white (base colour) lines. Paint each triangle the chosen colour. We took two coats for each triangle and leave to dry. Do this slowly to ensure no paint peels off as you go.

  • How easy is it to make a geometric wall?

  • This geometric wall trend is really easy and can be achieved at a minimal cost. All you need is some paints, frog tape and time. It is so easy that my teen did it herself over the course of two days.

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