how to paint geometric shapes on furniture

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  • How do you paint geometric patterns on a wall?

  • Using painters tape (I personally have the best luck with ScotchBlue Painters tape but used whatever I had at home for this project) begin placing your geometric design on your accent wall. Make sure your tape is flat against the wall with no ridges popping up on the side. This will ensure a smooth line when removing the paint.

  • How to choose the best geometric wall paint?

  • A bit of exaggeration seems to be rather good for geometric wall paint. The giant geometric shape looks great in both small and spacious rooms. Besides, you don need to center the pattern as the asymmetry looks even better in this case. As we have mentioned above geometric wall paint is rather simple.

  • How can I decorate my boy room with geometric shapes?

  • What takes more commitment than painting a funky geometric design across an entire wall in your boy room? Wrapping a strip across the ceiling. This is not for the faint of heart, but it a cool way to join two opposing walls with geometric shapes.

  • How do you make random geometric shapes on walls?

  • SO using the washi tape and the house paint you can easily create the random geometric shapes and your walls are ready to rock your room decor so nicely and cheaply. Tutorial here designsponge

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