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  • How to paint furniture the right way?

  • A brush will take care of the delicate regions, such as table legs, while the roller will rapidly cover the larger areas, such as the tabletop. Remember that when it comes to painting furniture, the key is to be prepared to avoid small and unnecessary obstacles. That includes cleaning down the item first to make sure the paint can adhere.

  • How to paint furniture with a paint roller?

  • Use your paint roller again to roll on your choice of paint color working in long vertical strokes like in the video. I like to go over the edges first and then do the middle of each side. After you have painted your furniture piece, give each side a good look to catch any drips.

  • How to paint furniture with paint conditioner?

  • You can use a paint conditioner to slow down the drying time of the paint, allowing you to get a more even look. Go back over the paint with a brush. While the paint is still wet, take a brush and run it over the surface of the furniture, using long, even strokes.

  • How do you paint furniture with primer?

  • Apply at least one more coat of primer after the first one has dried, and a third if needed to completely cover the furniture. Lightly sand between the coats. Coat the wooden furniture in a thin layer of latex or other indoor paint. Go over even surfaces of the furniture with a foam roller.

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