how to paint furniture black like pottery barn

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  • What kind of paint do you use to paint furniture black?

  • This article has been viewed 95,468 times. To paint furniture black, use a latex, acrylic, or oil-based paint if you’ll be painting indoors since these kinds of paints don’t have dangerous fumes. If you can work outside in a well-ventilated area, go with spray paint, which is easier and faster to use and results in a smoother finish.

  • How do you paint furniture to make it look old?

  • For a weathered or antique look, paint your furniture a matte or semi-matte black, and then buff the corners with fine grit sandpaper. Keep in mind that anything underneath the paint will show through, depending on how much you sand. This includes primer, previous paint jobs, and the original surface of the furniture.

  • How do you paint a wooden desk black?

  • Whichever paint you go with, start by sanding your furniture with fine-grit sandpaper so the paint has something to grip onto. Then, apply a coat of paint primer and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Finally, apply several thin coats of black paint, letting the paint dry in between each coat.

  • Can you make a faux Pottery Barn driftwood finish?

  • The pice de rsistance was the makeover of the loft table from all black to a driftwood gray finish! It always amazes me how paint can transform anything and faux finishes are game changers. This tutorial will show you how easy it is in just a few steps to create a faux Pottery Barn driftwood finish for your furniture!

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