how to paint furniture

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Wood Furniture: Prepare the Surface and the Painting Space. To minimize the effect of paint fumes,paint in a well-ventilated a space. …Remove the Hardware. If the furniture has any removable metal hardware such as handles or hinges,detach them and place to the side.Sand the Surface. …Apply Primer. …Apply the Paint. …Add a Protective Topcoat. …More items…

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  • How do you paint wood furniture?

  • This article has been viewed 1,151,228 times. Before you paint wooden furniture, you should remove any existing paint, sand the furniture, and apply primer. Once that is dry, use a foam roller to coat the furniture in a thin layer of latex or other indoor paint, then run a paintbrush over the surface of the furniture to smooth it out.

  • How to paint furniture without damaging it?

  • Prepare the area for the painting project. Place drop cloths on the floor, and open any windows and doors to allow plenty of ventilation into the area. Position the furniture on the cloths. Put on a face mask and gloves before beginning the project to protect your skin and lungs. Remove any necessary hardware from the furniture.

  • What kind of paint do you use to paint furniture?

  • Now that you have your piece primed and ready, it time to paint. For furniture, I use interior latex paint, usually in a semi-gloss finish. I recommend anything that not a flat finish. (It will show every fingerprint and flaw and will be harder to clean.) The glossier the finish, the easier to clean.

  • How to prep furniture for painting?

  • How to Prep Furniture for Painting 1 Use oil soap to clean all wooden surfaces on furniture. (If you檙e painting a desk or dresser, remove drawers and clean… 2 Use medium-grit sandpaper to remove glossy finish from wood. It not necessary to strip the finish entirely. More …

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