how to move heavy furniture without scratching floor

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7 Tips for Moving Furniture Without Scratching the FloorsEnlist help. Moving heavy furniture isn for the faint of heart. …Take your furniture apart. Whatever you do,don try to move your furniture as-is. …Get everything off the floor. …Use moving blankets,towels or cardboard. …Purchase furniture sliders or gliders. …Rent a dolly. …Move your furniture slowly and carefully. …

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  • Does moving heavy furniture scratch hardwood floors?

  • Moving heavy furniture, like refrigerators, is never fun but it must be done. Unfortunately, if not executed properly, the floor is sometimes scratched when moving these heavy objects. Here at SVB Wood Floors, we get hardwood floor repair calls all of the time. A majority of these calls come from homeowners after they move furniture.

  • How do you move heavy furniture without damaging the floor?

  • Small rocks or even dust can cause large amounts of damage to your floors if they are caught between heavy furniture and the floor. Make sure to sweep your floors and remove this grit. 2.) Move Furniture Slowly No matter how heavy the piece of furniture is, take your time when moving it.

  • How to move a fridge without scratching your floors?

  • Moving a fridge without scratching your floors is easily achieved so long as you take the time to plan the move appropriately and use the proper equipment for the job. Using furniture sliders or plywood is an easy way to protect the floor, while bigger equipment is best for moving a fridge longer distances.

  • Is it OK to drag furniture without protection?

  • Remember: dragging your furniture without protection is a major no-no when it comes to moving couches, chairs, desks, dressers and tables. For safer, more effective ways of moving furniture (without scratching your floors!), check out our 7 tips below. Moving heavy furniture isn for the faint of heart.

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