how to move heavy furniture upstairs

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How do you move heavy furniture upstairs?Wrap large pieces of furniture in blankets,shrink wrap,or bubble wrap. Surround large,heavy furniture with a layer of old blankets,shrink wrap,bubble wrap,or some combination of the 3 things and secure it in place with tape.

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  • How to move heavy furniture up stairs?

  • Disassemble furniture as much as possible before moving it up stairs. Take apart any heavy furniture that you want to move up stairs if you can do so without damaging it. This will help lighten the load and make things less awkward to carry. For example, you can often remove the backs from chairs or feet from sofas.

  • How do you move heavy furniture on a dolly?

  • Position a small or medium-sized heavy piece of furniture to a dolly. Have someone help you lift the piece of furniture onto the dolly. Position it so the longest part of it lines up with the back of the dolly. For example, if you are moving a narrow dresser, position it on the dolly as it would normally sit on the floor.

  • Are there different ways to handle difficult furniture moves?

  • There are several different ways that we handle difficult furniture moves that have all come over time and repetition of actual handling furniture and other awkward household items in the professional moving industry. Follow along to read our tips on how we move heavy furniture upstairs and some of the more interesting moves that we have completed!

  • What are stair straps for moving furniture?

  • They are also known as moving straps or furniture lifting straps. Keep in mind that it can be quite awkward to carry heavy furniture up stairs with these types of straps. It especially important that the strongest person is at the bottom of the stairs.

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