how to modernise mahogany furniture

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  • How can I modernise my dark wood furniture?

  • Giving a favourite dark wood piece a unique touch can help link it to more modern elements in your home. This chest of drawers has had one of the owners?own designs stencilled onto it; the wood is paler than some dark pieces, but this idea would work equally well on any furniture.

  • Can you paint a mahogany end table?

  • Some people cringe at the thought of painting mahogany furniture. I’m not one of them. While I love my parents’ antique mahogany bedroom furniture and would never dream of painting it, it’s not beneath me to go ahead and paint a vintage thrift store mahogany end table.

  • How do you decorate a mahogany dresser?

  • A circa-1940s mahogany dresser feels a lot less formal when paired with black and gold accents, like a molded plastic chair and a glamorous lamp. Set against graphic wallpaper with pistachio green chevrons, the once-proper piece is instantly transformed. Adding to the fun: an area rug with huge pixelated blooms.

  • How do you paint mahogany furniture?

  • I started off with Dixie Belle Slick Stick followed by Folk Art Home Decor chalk paint in Sheepskin and an angled paint brush from the Dollar Tree. Slick Stick creates a textured surface for the paint to cling to. Finished mahogany wood is quite slick, and most paints will need a primer such as Slick Stick before it will accept a coat of paint.

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