how to mix patio furniture

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  • Should you mix and match outdoor furniture on a patio?

  • Most prefer to mix and match outdoor furniture pieces on a porch or patio to create the same layered look they design for their indoor spaces. If you are not sure where to begin, we are here with 5 of the best designer-inspired patios that show off the perfect mix of materials! So what are you waiting for, let get 渕ixing? 1. Master the Mix

  • How do you mix outdoor furniture pieces?

  • Let’s see how some pros mix their outdoor pieces beautifully. Unify through the color. Look at all the different materials, shapes and color of the frame of the sofa, chairs, coffee and end table. The golden yellow fabric in the seats and throw pillows bring the pieces together brilliantly.

  • How can I make my patio look more stylish?

  • One of the quickest ways to elevate your patio space is with furniture pieces that combine the elegance of indoor furniture with the durability of outdoor furniture. The stylish patio seating boasts details traditionally found indoors, including tailored slipcovers and cane detailing.

  • How do you unify a modern living room patio?

  • This patio blends a modern sitting area with a dining area that mixes salvage-chic with mod. The key here is the use of the white finish on the sofas and dining chairs. It is what ties the spaces together. If the Bubble Club Sofa weren’t white, white throw pillows could also tie them together. Unify by the finish of the furniture.

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