how to make old furniture look modern

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Our last trick for making antique furniture look modern is tomix contrasting furniture or accents. Pair an antique desk with a lucite chair for an unexpected combination,or add a mirrored coffee table between two classic chairs. A stack of chic coffee table books and a pair of modern lamps can dress up any antique chest as well!

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  • How do you make old kitchen pieces look modern?

  • HGTV Magazine shows you how to make your old pieces look modern. Bring an oak pedestal table out of the 1900s by balancing its substantial curves with slim red vinyl chairs. Add a trendy black-and-white rug and colorful prints in matching black frames and you have a recipe for kitchen chic.

  • Can you paint old furniture to make it look vintage?

  • There is a variety of table refinishing techniques that could give your old furniture a vintage vibe. This tutorial will show you how to paint old furniture to make it look like it vintage furniture fit for a very hip and modern apartment.

  • What can I do with old furniture?

  • 2. Stain wood tables and chairs. If you have an old solid wood piece of furniture, consider staining rather than painting it to show off the wood grain. The pine dining table shown here was a Craigslist find ?it was originally orange, and the homeowners stripped it and gave it a lovely dark finish.

  • Does all furniture have to come from the same era?

  • There no rule that says all the furniture in your house needs to come from the same era. In fact, embracing contrasting styles can give your home a liveliness and texture that rooms with all matchy-matchy furniture can touch. Here a little inspiration for incorporating more traditionally styled pieces into modern interiors.

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