how to make deck furniture

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  • How do you make outdoor furniture from decking boards?

  • Any outdoor furniture can be made from decking boards. A bench and small stand are two common pieces of outdoor furniture that can be made over the course of a weekend. They will work well on either a deck or a patio. Place the four 1-by-4-by-48-inch boards parallel to each other 1/4-inch apart on a work surface. These are the seat boards.

  • Are there any DIY outdoor sofas for your deck or patio?

  • Here are 5 DIY outdoor sofas you can customize to fit your deck or patio. From DIY outdoor sectional plans to a simple 2×4 outdoor couch, you can find it here! Spring is finally here, and that means summer is just around the corner!

  • How do I decorate a deck for a house?

  • Break up a deck’s large expanses of wood with an outdoor rug. A colorful patterned design can help give your deck a homey, interior-like feel. For easy cleaning, choose a material like polypropylene that you can simply hose down to wash away dirt. Stationed near seating areas or along the deck railing, potted plants can serve as living deck decor.

  • How do I choose the right furniture for my Deck?

  • Consider how you use your deck, such as for entertaining, reading, or dining, and choose furniture that best suits your activities. You don’t need an expansive backyard garden to plant interesting combinations. Potted plants are an easy and often inexpensive way to define your deck.

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