how to make cats not scratch furniture

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4 methods to keep your cat from scratching your furnitureProvide your cat with scratching posts. Giving your cat something that they can scratch may prevent them from scratching things they shouldn’t scratch.Use physical deterrents. Another method you can use is putting physical deterrents near the furniture where cats typically scratch.Use plastic nail caps. …Keep your cat’s nails short. …

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  • How to stop your cat from scratching your sofa?

  • There are also sofa scratchers in the form of scratching posts and scratch pads that work to protect your sofa even if your cat scratches on them. These may make it unnecessary to train your cat to stop scratching in specific places, as your furniture is protected.

  • How old do kittens have to be to scratch furniture?

  • Kittens begin to scratch at around 8 weeks old, so start training your cat when it young, by providing scratching posts or stands. Your cat can still indulge in its natural behavior, but without shredding your furniture. And, here more awesome DIY cat furniture to entertain your cat.

  • How do I Stop my Cat from scratching my bed?

  • Obviously, you need to also make sure kitty knows that these objects are scratch approved ?but that where #2 from this section comes in. If your cat starts scratching something you don want him or her scratching on in the room, simply move him/her to the scratch approved object in the room.

  • How do I get my Cat to use the Scratching Post?

  • Use these tips: 1 Rub catnip on the scratching post. 2 Put kitty paws on the post over and over. 3 Make scratching motions on the scratch post yourself. 4 Use a cat toy on the scratching post to encourage kitty to engage with it.

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