how to maintain outdoor wicker furniture

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Let with wicker dry thoroughly before using the furniture. The best way to care for both natural and resin wicker patio furniture is tokeep it clean and dry. Vacuum it periodically with a brush attachment to remove dust and pollen,as needed.

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  • How to protect outdoor wicker furniture from water?

  • In order to fully protect outdoor wicker furniture, the covers should reach all the way to the floor and fully cover the legs of the furniture. This will help to prevent water from splashing up and damaging the furniture.

  • How do you clean wicker furniture?

  • If it is heavily soiled and vacuuming is not enough, spot-clean the wicker with a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water, using a sponge or an old toothbrush. Rinse with a clean, damp sponge or rag.

  • Should you cover wicker furniture when not in use?

  • While sturdy, resin wicker pieces used outdoors should still be covered when not in use. For routine cleaning of wicker that’s made of bamboo, rattan, or willow, brush off or vacuum as much of the surface dirt as you can.

  • How durable is Wicker patio furniture?

  • Wicker patio furniture tends to be durable and resilient but does require some regular cleaning and overall care to look its best. Both natural and synthetic (resin) wicker will last longer if it’s kept out of direct sunlight and is not constantly exposed to the elements.

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