how to keep pollen off outdoor furniture

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Waterproof cover

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  • How do you protect patio furniture from pollen?

  • There are three major ways you can protect patio furniture from pollen. First, you can cover the furniture with a patio cover or tarp. Second, you install a misting system or screen. Thirdly, consider moving the furniture to your garage or basement. Pollen is the biggest foe of spring, and just like death, it is unavoidable.

  • How do you clean pollen off of wicker furniture?

  • To clean pollen off your wicker furniture, start by vacuuming up any loose pollen. Then, clean it as you would clean other types of furniture ?iron, plastic, or wood ?as described in previous sections. You will need to create a bubbly solution using warm water and dish detergent.

  • How long does pollen stay on outdoor furniture?

  • For 2 to 3 weeks each year, pollen seems to takes over. However, we can help you avoid this problem. Here are some of our best tips to clean pollen off your outdoor furniture:

  • How do pollen proof enclosures work?

  • In the Spring when the pollen count is high PES will block over 99% of pollen from entering your porch. Our Pollen Proof Enclosures utilize a track and zipper system that allows you to block off pollen and dust from porch screens, furniture and cushions.

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