how to keep insects off patio furniture

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Insect control around your home and in your yard helps immensely with keeping your patio furniture free of pesky, reproducing insects. Consider usingbarrier sprays, pellets or powdersaround the edge of your patio. Commercial pest control services have barrier sprays they use on the exterior of your home that deter and kill pests too.

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  • How do I keep Bugs out of my patio furniture?

  • The cinnamon powder can be sprinkled around the yard as a false barrier to keep bugs out. If you have a high concentration of them around your patio set, consider sprinkling the cinnamon directly into the wedges between the sofa cushions.

  • What kind of bugs are in my patio furniture?

  • Spiders are one of the most common bugs in the yard. Spiders are one of the most common pests you檒l find on your patio furniture. You can use an assortment of home remedies to naturally manage and control them found throughout this page.

  • Do Wicker patio furniture attract bugs?

  • The design of wicker naturally allows plenty of burrowing areas and hiding places from predators, which spiders and beetles are favorable to. Sadly, most patio furniture does include some sort of wicker design and this is just a haven for bugs.

  • Do patio plants repel bugs?

  • Nature has provided plants with a variety of natural defenses to repel insects, but there no one perfect solution to using plants to keep bugs at bay. You would need to use fairly specific patio plants to keep bugs away, depending on the pests you檙e most concerned about.

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