how to keep cats from scratching my furniture

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What Can You Do About It?Scratching Posts. This is one of the easiest ways to train your cat not to scratch your furniture. …Add Catnip and Toys. Many cats have a hard time resisting catnip. …Keep a Trimmer Handy. Give your cat nail trims on a regular basis to keep their paws from becoming weapons of furniture-destruction.Vinyl Carpet Runner. …

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  • Is it normal for cats to scratch furniture?

  • In cats, scratching is as natural and normal as sleeping, but without the right training, it can also destroy couches, chairs, and more. Fortunately, you can redirect this behavior and save both the sofa and your bond with your cat. In this article, you檒l learn how to stop your cat scratching furniture in a healthy, safe way.

  • How do I Stop my Cat from scratching the couch?

  • Cover it with double-sided sticky tape, a bit of orange or lemon peel, or spray it with lemon-scented sprays. Be mindful that some cats may end up attached to the double-sided sticky tape, making unpleasant hair trimming necessary. For extra furniture deterrent, wrap it with a tight-fitting sheet or even a plastic curtain.

  • Does vinegar spray stop cats from scratching furniture?

  • If the vinegar spray does not stop your cat from scratching your furniture, you may need to try a different approach. But before you do, it is worthwhile to understand why cats like to scratch in the first place. Although scratching can seem like an unwanted and destructive behavior, for your cat, it is natural and serves multiple purposes.

  • How can I protect my furniture from cats?

  • If your home has space restrictions, consider leg wraps that protect the furniture while accommodating the cat needs with sisal mat wraps or do it yourself by wrapping targeted legs in a range of materials including sisal, fabric, and cotton rope.

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