how to identify old stickley furniture

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  • What did Gustav Stickley say about his furniture?

  • Gustav Stickley marked his product with these words to assure customers that Stickley furniture was of the finest quality, every piece made with honor, integrity, and pride. Stickley Values The Stickley brothers burst into international prominence in the early 20th century with their Mission Oak designs.

  • How can I tell what model my Stickley furniture is?

  • A: Stickley will be happy to help identify older furniture. However, due to the vast number of Stickley pieces that were made over the years it is impossible to identify the exact model from a written or verbal description. Please send photographs of your furniture so we may be able to make accurate identification.

  • What is the origin of the name Stickley?

  • Stickley is the last name of five brothers–Gustav, Leopold, John George, Albert and Charles–who began a furniture company in New York in the mid 1880’s (see chart below). Gustav, Leopold and J. George were a leading force in spreading the Arts and Crafts style in America.

  • Do they still make Stickley chairs?

  • One of their companies, L. J.G. Stickley, managed by living descendants, still makes furniture today. The first company, Stickley Brothers Company, owned by Albert, Charles and Gustav Stickley, got its reputation building and selling simple Shaker-style and Windsor chairs in Brandt, Pennsylvania, in 1883.

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