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  • What are the characteristics of Mission style furniture?

  • The distinctive characteristics of Mission-style furniture, popular from about 1900 through 1925, are easy to recognize: Lines will be simple and straight for the most part, with very few curves and no ornate carving. Any carving usually takes the shape of inconspicuous linear grooves.

  • Who invented Mission style furniture?

  • One of the most influential mission style furniture craftsmen of the time was Gustav Stickley, although he loathed the term 渕ission furniture?in favor of raftsman furniture.?Stickley operated a manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania, and his work has more or less defined the terms mission and craftsman style furniture.

  • What is the difference between Mission style and Shaker style furniture?

  • Whereas mission style furniture was birthed into existence by Joseph McHugh and furthered by Stickley, shaker style furniture originated from the Shaking Quakers in the late 1700 and early 1800. It wasn for another few decades that mission style furniture began to emerge.

  • What makes mission-influenced furniture special?

  • The most special Mission-influenced furniture pieces were made by members of the Arts and Crafts societies going strong in the early 1900s. Other architect-designed furniture by those such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles and Henry Greene combined Mission, Arts Crafts, and Art Nouveau elements in their eclectic designs.

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