how to identify heywood wakefield furniture

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Many Heywood-Wakefield styles are easily identified by theirshape and color. Most pieces,with the exception of a 1930s Streamline Maple line,are solid birch with a light finish. The finishes are usually Wheat,a slightly darker golden hue; or Champagne,a lighter paler finish with a hint of rose blush.

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  • How to tell if a piece of furniture is a Heywood-Wakefield?

  • We檙e often asked how to tell if a particular piece of furniture is a genuine Heywood-Wakefield product. Here some information we hope will be useful. The Heywood-Wakefield Company didn start using its famous eagle logo until 1949, about 14 years after introducing its Streamline Modern designs in late 1935.

  • What kind of furniture is Heywood Wakefield?

  • Heywood-Wakefield Mid-Century Modern Furniture Manufacturer Welcome to the official website for Heywood-Wakefield. A mid-century modern furniture manufacturer making solid wood furniture in America since 1897. About Furniture Fabrics Room Ideas FAQs Blog Contact HEYWOOD-WAKEFIELD About Furniture Fabrics

  • When did Heywood Wakefield become Heywood-Wakefield?

  • In 1921, the name was changed to Heywood-Wakefield Company as we know it today. The firm went on to buy out the following firms: Washburn Heywood Chair Company, Oregon Chair Company, and Lloyd Manufacturing Company. Quickly Heywood Wakefield became the leader in modern furniture of the early 1900s.

  • How do you identify Heywood-Wakefield screws?

  • If you can identify types of wood by its color and grain pattern, this is another clue. Around this same time, Heywood-Wakefield began using Phillips-head screws almost exclusively. If you find pieces with slotted screws, unless they檙e very old and have some other tell-tale signs suggesting they檙e Heywood-Wakefield, they檙e probably not.

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