how to identify heywood wakefield furniture

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Many Heywood-Wakefield styles are easily identified by theirshape and color. Most pieces,with the exception of a 1930s Streamline Maple line,are solid birch with a light finish. The finishes are usually Wheat,a slightly darker golden hue; or Champagne,a lighter paler finish with a hint of rose blush.

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  • How to tell if a piece of furniture is a Heywood-Wakefield?

  • We檙e often asked how to tell if a particular piece of furniture is a genuine Heywood-Wakefield product. Here some information we hope will be useful. The Heywood-Wakefield Company didn start using its famous eagle logo until 1949, about 14 years after introducing its Streamline Modern designs in late 1935.

  • Is Wakefield and Heywood the same company?

  • The Heywood Wakefield Company is an American furniture manufacturer established in 1897. The Heywood company was first established in 1826 by the Heywood brothers and the Wakefield company was founded in 1855. Both companies搑ivals in their industry損roduced wicker furniture and rattan furniture for residential and commercial clients.

  • When did Heywood Wakefield become popular?

  • These quintessential Heywood Wakefield pieces became known as the California style of furniture in the 1940s to the 1960s. Heywood Wakefield was the choice for comfortable, good looking, modern furniture. This style of mid century modern chairs and furniture became popular with young families and particularly, with teens.

  • How do you identify Heywood-Wakefield screws?

  • If you can identify types of wood by its color and grain pattern, this is another clue. Around this same time, Heywood-Wakefield began using Phillips-head screws almost exclusively. If you find pieces with slotted screws, unless they檙e very old and have some other tell-tale signs suggesting they檙e Heywood-Wakefield, they檙e probably not.

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