how to haul furniture without a truck

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There are a few ways to haul large furniture without a truck. One way is to use afurniture dolly. This is a wheeled platform that you can strap the furniture to and then roll it to wherever you need to go. Another way is to use a furniture moving blanket. This is a big, thick blanket that you can wrap around the furniture and then carry it.

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  • How can I transport heavy furniture without a car?

  • Here are some alternative methods of transporting heavy furniture for those of us who don have cars. You need a membership to take advantage of Zipcar services, but it does offer a 30-day trial.

  • How do you haul things that won fit in your car?

  • So here are a few ways that we approach occasionally hauling away the stuff that we no longer need or picking up that rare Craigslist find (or the Ikea bookcase) that just won fit in our car: Haul It Tip #1: Many people are surprised to hear that you can rent a truck from Home Depot for just $19.

  • Can You tow a car behind a U-Haul rental truck?

  • If you are moving to a rural area, towing your vehicle behind your U-Haul rental truck will allow you to avoid paying premium prices for shipping your car to 渉ard to reach?locations. In addition to the upfront cost savings, towing your car behind a moving truck means you can be sure that your vehicle gets to your destination when you do.

  • Where can I get a moving company to move furniture?

  • Good ol?(sometimes) reliable Craigslist. Craigslist is best for getting multiple heavy boxes and furniture from one place to another without paying the high rates of a standard moving service. You can find advertisements for assistance moving large objects in the 渓abor/move?tab, under 渟ervices.?/div>6 ways to transport furniture without a car | The Daily

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