how to haul away old furniture

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You have a few options to get rid of old furniture. If it isn usable,call a furniture or junk removal company. If it still usable you can: Sell it through online listings or the old-fashioned yard sale. Donate it to a charity or religious organization.

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  • How do I get rid of old furniture?

  • Junk removal is by far the easiest option for getting rid of bulky junk items such as old furniture. Junk removal companies have one thing in common: they pick up and dispose of things that people no longer need, want, or have room for.

  • Do furniture stores haul away old furniture?

  • There are a few furniture stores offering haul away service when you purchase a new piece of furniture from them. However, many don remove your old furniture, even when they deliver your new furniture.

  • How do I book furniture haul away services?

  • LoadUp offers three convenient ways to book furniture haul away services. You can get an upfront, guaranteed quote and schedule service through our online booking system. If you檇 prefer to speak to a live person, give us a call at (844) 239-7711 to get started.

  • How much does it cost to haul furniture?

  • Most junk removal services can haul a full truckload of furniture, around 15 cubic yards, for about $550. A 20 yard dumpster, on the other hand, can handle up to 20 cubic yards of junk for an average rate of $415.

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