how to fix furniture to wall

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Place the furniture against the wall where you want to fix it.Use a pencil and ruler to mark the outlines of the furniture on the wall.Remove the bookshelf from the wall for the next stepsTake a stud finder to locate the studs present inside the wall. There are stud finders available from various companies that work just fine.Mount the strap to the wall with the help of the velcro fastener. …Do not have any books or items inside the bookshelf or furniture while fixing it. It becomes easier to fix in that way.Align the two velcro straps on the wall with the adhesive side on the outer side.

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  • How do you secure furniture to the wall?

  • Secure bookcases, dressers and armoires to the wall with furniture brackets or straps, installing the brackets or hardware directly on a wall stud or with wall anchors. This immobilizes the piece, making it impossible for it to rub against or bump into the wall. In homes with young children, this also prevents tall pieces from toppling over.

  • Why should you fix furniture to the wall?

  • The main reason for fixing furniture to the wall is safety. If you have children, the elderly, or pets at home, securing your furniture to the wall becomes essential. One way is to place heavy items on the lower side of the furniture, which makes the chances of it toppling are less likely, but this is not a foolproof method.

  • What happens if furniture is not secured to the wall?

  • End of dialog window. If not secured to the wall, tall pieces of furniture, like bookcases, can pose a risk of toppling over, causing injury and damage to your home. To prevent this from happening use metal brackets to secure the top of the piece to the studs in the wall.

  • How to fasten furniture to the wall without damaging it?

  • The tension wires between the two fasteners hold the piece of furniture tightly to the wall. You can use an anchor easily to fasten your furniture to the wall. The fastener can slip easily into the hole in the wall. You can pull the anchor out when needed and not leave big holes spoiling the look of the wall.

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