how to fix a chip in wood furniture

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How to Fix Chipped Wood FurnitureGlue down or remove all of the loose veneer. Mix up Bondo and QUICKLY spread it over the missing veneer. Let the Bondo dry for at least 30 minutes. Sand the Bondo down smooth. Apply a second coat of Bondo or fill in small imperfections with wood filler.

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  • Is it hard to fix chip in wood furniture?

  • The amount of trouble you’ll have fixing chips in your wood furniture depends on how deep and large the chips are. Small nicks in the finish aren’t much trouble at all, especially if the finish is lacquer, which is the most common finishing material. When part of the wood is missing, the repair becomes a little more complicated.

  • How do you fix a chip in a hardwood floor?

  • Sand some of the wood surrounding the chip in order to feather the edges of the putty into the wood. Paint the filler with acrylic paint. You’ll need more than one color in order to simulate the wood grain.

  • How do you fix a chipped veneer couch?

  • Mix up a small batch of Bondo Wood Filler and spread it over the chipped veneer. Let the Bondo Wood Filler dry and then sand it down. If the veneer has a lot of wood grain in it, add some wood grain lines to your Bondo.

  • How do you fix chipped varnish on wood?

  • If rubbing doesn’t flatten the finish enough to make the chip disappear, dab some new varnish on it with a cotton swab. Let the varnish dry overnight, then rub it flat with the steel wool. Repeat if necessary. Repair chips on wood surfaces and edges with polyester resin wood filler.

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