how to distress stained furniture

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First,apply wood stain or creme wax to a small section of the painted furniture with a brush,staining pad,or rag. Remove Stain or Wax with Rag Next,use a rag to remove the stain until the desired distressed look.

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  • How do you paint furniture to look distressed?

  • Paint the Piece If you want the piece to look like it’s been painted before, you’ll want to buy two colors of paint so the base color shows through when the top player is distressed. If you want wood peeking through, you can use one paint color. Paint the entire piece, applying a second coat if necessary. Allow the paint to dry completely. 5.

  • How to distress furniture in 6 Easy Steps?

  • How to Distress Furniture in 6 Easy Steps. 1 1. Prepare Your Space. Start by laying down drop cloths and preparing the area. Remove any metal hardware or knobs from the piece and store them … 2 2. Sand and Clean the Piece. 3 3. Paint the Piece.

  • Should I stain or paint my wood furniture?

  • Consider adding a stain to a bare wood piece. If your piece has no paint on it and is just the wood as is, you may want to add a stain. It can mute the paint that’s to be added, giving it a vintage-y feel. It’ll also look nice if it pops through, too (if you’re only doing one color of paint, that is).

  • How to distress expensive wood without staining?

  • It a great way for distressing inexpensive wood. Let start with a list of necessary items: The first step is to cover a piece of new wood with a brown wood stain or shoe polish if you haven got a stain at hand. You want to put the stain on the wood surface using old cloth and wipe the excess off.

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