how to decoupage laminate furniture

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How to Decoupage Laminate Furniture Essentially what you檙e going to do istear up some brown paper bags, dip them in a mixture of glue and water, then smooth them onto your furniture in an overlapping fashion. If you already have these items on hand, this project will cost you zero dollars!

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  • How can I decoupage my furniture?

  • With decoupage medium, any paper or fabric materials such as scrapbook paper, photos, magazine clippings, gift wrap, ribbons or lace can be adhered to the surface of your furniture. Be as creative as you’d like — decoupage the dresser and nightstands with pieces of sheet music from your favorite songs, vintage postcards or family photos.

  • How do you decoupage over painted wood?

  • Once you sand the paint off, any holes or gashes that you want to fill will be visible. Use a wood filler to do this ?one that is stainable/paintable like these. Allow it to dry for the time recommended on the package, then sand and use the tack cloth to remove the dust. If you want your piece to stay unfinished for decoupage, you are ready!

  • How do you finish laminate furniture with sandpaper?

  • In order to apply a new finish to your furniture, you must rough up the laminate. Sanding with 150-grit sandpaper can roughen the furniture’s surfaces enough to give them the necessary texture to make paint and other materials adhere. If your dresser and nightstands are large, an orbital sander can make the job much easier.

  • What is the best way to Prime laminate furniture before painting?

  • I recommend priming laminate pieces, raw (unpainted) wood, and any type of wood that might bleed through like cherry ?or oak which tends to drink up paint. Here a link to my favorite primer. Sand the piece with 320-grit sandpaper so it smooth to the touch.

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