how to clean velour furniture

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Velour cleaning tipsChoose the right soap. When choosing the soap for cleaning your velour make sure you choose one that doesn have added colouration in it.Don use heat in the cleaning process. High temperatures can damage the velour. That why any cleaning involving heat,like steam cleaning,is best to be avoided.Always work with clean materials. Velour soaks everything and if dirty materials are used there a big chance you will stain your velour upholstery.

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  • How to clean a velour couch?

  • Once the fabric is clean enough, leave the surface to dry completely. 24 hours would be enough. Often after cleaning velour, the fibres feel stiff. This can be easily fixed by brushing the fibres with a velour brush. The brush will break the velour fibres and the surface of the couch will feel brand new.

  • How to clean velvet furniture?

  • Using the cleaning solution and a white dry cloth, gently blot the affected area until the stain is removed; Air dry and vacuum the surface. Let the velvet dry and then, vacuum the surface a few times by following its lines to make it look smooth. Your furniture is now clean and ready to use!

  • How do I know if my velour upholstery is worn out?

  • With dirt and dust, the fabric loses its soft touch and becomes stiff and dull looking. You may also notice slicked wear spots over time where your head or face often sits. There is some hope. Check out these tips on how to clean velour upholstery for new looking furuntire all the time.

  • Is velour a good fabric for upholstery?

  • The velvety appearance of velour (and velvet) makes it an elegant, beautiful choice for upholstery. But it does require some extra care to keep it looking beautiful and luxurious. With dirt and dust, the fabric loses its soft touch and becomes stiff and dull looking.

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