how to clean raymour and flanigan furniture

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  • Is Flanigan and Raymour Furniture still in business?

  • The brand acquired Flanigan Furniture in 1990, which gave them ownership of 14 stores located in Boston and Rochester. At this time, the Raymour Furniture store became Raymour and Flanigan. Today, Raymour and Flanigan operates over 130 stores across the northeastern US.

  • How do I contact Raymour&Flanigan customer service?

  • Please contact our Customer Care Center at 866.383.4484 to set up an appointment and receive information on applicable charges. Where does Raymour Flanigan deliver? Raymour Flanigan utilized three delivery zones to help get our furniture to you.

  • Will Raymour&Flanigan remove my old bedding?

  • We will only remove your old mattress and box spring with the purchase of a new mattress of $500 or more. For other furniture removal, we suggest contacting a local charity or rescue mission. Raymour Flanigan delivery professionals reserve the right to refuse any old bedding deemed unsanitary.

  • Why choose Raymour&Flanigan?

  • At Raymour Flanigan, we stand behind our quality products. At Raymour Flanigan, we stand behind our products. We are committed to upholding manufacturer warranties during their time frame. If furniture covered by a manufacturer warranty is unable to be repaired during the warranty period, we will replace the damaged piece with the same model.

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