how to clean french polished furniture

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  • How do you remove French Polish from furniture?

  • – Answers How do you remove french polish from furniture? French polish is a solution of the shellac in methylated spirits ( denatured ethyl alcohol). This is applied first by brush usually and then many layers with a cloth and finally rubbed with more and more linseed or vegetable oil on the cloth.

  • What is French polishing?

  • French polish is not a product. Rather, French polishing is a method of applying shellac to wood furniture, musical instruments, or decorative accents in many thin layers攖ypically well over 100攖hat results in a highly glossy, glass-smooth surface with a rich depth that beautifully highlights the grain of the wood.

  • Can You wax or Polish wooden furniture?

  • Once you檝e checked your polish or wax is suitable, dust your wooden furniture with a clean, dry cloth to remove any lingering dirt. Apply some polish, lightly rubbing on the wax along the surface grain to form a thin coat.

  • Can you save damaged furniture yourself with DIY French polishing?

  • Alex Webster, an antique restorer and French polisher, explains five techniques to save damaged furniture yourself with these DIY French polishing techniques ?and warns you when you need to call in an expert. Alex Webster is a French polisher, furniture restorer and cabinet maker based in Colwyn Bay.

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