how to brighten up black furniture

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Let In The Natural LightOne of the best ways to brighten a room with dark furniture is to let in the natural light. You want to use windows and ventilators to circulate both the natural light and air around the space to make it feel open and airy. Pull back the draperies and decorate with mirrors to reflect light around the living room.

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  • How to make your dark furniture look brighter?

  • Instead, embrace your dark staple pieces, heed a few design tricks and accessories, and transform them into the perfect grounding complements to a bright, lively space. Check out the following photos for tips and inspiration, and pretty soon you檒l see your dark furniture in an entirely new light.

  • How to brighten up a dark upholstery?

  • For obvious reasons, dark furniture can lead to a darker space in general. Therefore, be sure you have adequate ambient and task lighting throughout to brighten it appropriately. A mix of overhead lights and lamps is best. Throw pillows are your best friend. Load them onto your sofa and you檒l forget all about its dark upholstery!

  • How do you brighten up a dark room with carpet?

  • Finally, brighten up your floor by introducing a rug or carpet. If you still find your room too dark, try painting your ceiling white and choosing a light color for the walls. For tips on what lighting to use and how to make structural changes to your room, read on!

  • How do you lighten a dark room with cherry wood furniture?

  • Our favorite part, though, is that light streaming in through an off-camera window. It brightens both the cherry wood and the entire feel of the room. Similarly, if you檝e got a room with big windows that bring in a lot of light, consider making that the room the home of some of your darker pieces.

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