how to antique wicker furniture

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  • Is it possible to make an antique Wicker?

  • 淥nce Antique Wicker Is Gone, It Gone Forever! You can make an antique and if you try, it simply a reproduction.?Try everything you can to care for wicker and preserve those fine antique pieces; repair, restore and refurbish.

  • How to care for wicker furniture?

  • Control humidity indoors as much as possible. In drier climates, use a humidifier to prevent cracking or drying. For humid environments, use a dehumidifier and place furniture in a room with excellent air circulation. Pressing too hard while cleaning the slats of your wicker furniture increases the risk of breaking it.

  • What is the history of wicker furniture?

  • Wicker furniture has been around for centuries, particularly in Egypt and a few of the Middle Eastern countries. It was only during the Victorian Years that wicker became popular in the West.

  • Can you paint wicker furniture?

  • Once the wicker is ready to be painted, lay a drop cloth under it. Make sure the drop cloth extends several feet beyond the size of the furniture to protect the area from accidental sprays of paint. Painting wicker is different than painting flat or smooth surfaces. Wicker has many woven layers, and it needs to be approached from several angles.

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