how much furniture is 1000 lbs

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  • What is the average weight of common household furniture?

  • Average Weight Of Common Household Furniture From OGC Jump to navigationJump to search Table: Average Mass Of Common Household Furniture Furniture Type Average Mass (Empty) Armoire (Large) 440 kg Armoire (Medium) 330 kg Armoire (Small) 220 kg Baby Changing Table 110 kg Baby Crib (Frame) 90 kg

  • How much does a one bedroom apartment weigh?

  • The formula is quite simple 1000 lbs per full room. So our one bedroom apartment above has a bedroom, a kitchen, and living room as the three main full rooms (3 x 1000 lbs = 3,000 lbs). This is the average weight of the goods of a one bedroom apartment.

  • How much does a baby furniture weigh?

  • Armoire (Small) 220 kg Baby Changing Table 110 kg Baby Crib (Frame) 90 kg Baby Crib (Mattress) 35 kg Baby High Chair 65 kg Baby Play Pen 130 kg Baby Stroller 55 kg Bar 385 kg Bar Stool 35 kg Bed – Double (Box Spring) 130 kg Bed – Double (Footboard) 55 kg Bed – Double (Headboard) 90 kg Bed – Double (Mattress/Pillow Top)

  • How much does a chair weigh?

  • Chair (Glider) 185 kg Chair (Occasional) 165 kg Chair (Open Arm) 35 kg Chair (Overstuffed) 185 kg Chair (Papasan) 110 kg Chair (Rocker) 45 kg Chair (Straight Back) 75 kg Chair (Wing) 165 kg

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