how many calories do you burn assembling furniture

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The number of calories that you can burn assembling furniture may vary depending on what you are putting together. The amount of calories can beas few as 200 an hour or as many as 500 an hour. Click to see full answer

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  • How many calories do you burn moving furniture?

  • Just an hour of moving furniture burns an average of 408 calories, which in terms of exerted energy, is similar to playing 50 minutes of tennis. Impressive, right? But that’s not all: moving household objects and boxes can burn around 478 calories an hour. MORE: Living room arrangement: Should sofas be placed against a wall?

  • How many calories do you burn painting walls?

  • On average, painting the walls burns over 1200 calories in four hours, and this excludes the energy needed for moving all the furniture out of the room. That’s the equivalent of two Big Macs or over five Mars Bars!

  • How do I calculate the calories burned by crafts?

  • Obviously the more physical the activity, the more calories are burned. If your road to fitness begins with crafting and ends with some projects around the home and yard, there are calculators that can help you more accurately tabulate those rates. Try the Calorie Burn Calculator from or the fit-o-meter.

  • How many calories do you burn knitting?

  • 淔or calories burned in any given activity, age, weight, heart rate, and time all come into play,?she says. With that caveat, a typical 150-pound person burns 100-150 calories in an hour of knitting. That about the same as half hour of light calisthenics.

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