how many badcock furniture stores are there

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Today,there are over300Badcock more stores in eight states: Florida,Alabama,Mississippi,Tennessee,North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia,and Virginia. There are approximately 75 corporate stores and 240 Dealer-owned stores.

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  • What does Badcock Home Furniture sell?

  • The stores are branded 淏adcock Home Furniture more?and carry a complete line of furniture, appliances, bedding, electronics, home office equipment, accessories and seasonal items.

  • How many Badcock locations are there?

  • Founded in 1904, W.S. Badcock Corporation operates 383 stores in eight southeastern states comprised of 68 corporate locations and 315 independent dealer owned stores.

  • What happened to the Badcock brand?

  • As the store count continued to grow, so did the Badcock footprint. Badcock opened stores in South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee. In late 1999, the corporate image and more took on a whole new look and design. The traditional blue and orange logo of the 1960’s was replaced with the logo that stands today.

  • Where was the first Badcock store?

  • An immigrant from England, Henry founded the first Badcock store in Mulberry, FL. Henry operated this single store in Mulberry, FL for 16 years until, in 1920, his son Wogan bought the store from his father.

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