how long will teak furniture last

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70 years

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  • Why teak outdoor furniture?

  • Long lasting, practical yet beautiful, teak is the perfect material to create lavish furniture that pairs well with any outdoor setting. Harbour outdoor has perfected this art, with a wide variety of teak furniture made to last and environmentally friendly with their signature Indonesian A grade Teak.

  • Should teak furniture be stained?

  • If left in its natural state, teak wood is practically maintenance free. However, untreated teak furniture exposed to the sun will patina and turn a grey color. Although the process does not affect the strength and the quality of the wood, you can choose to prevent it by staining the furniture.

  • What are the different finishes of teak furniture?

  • Finishes and Weathering There are three general options for teak finishes: natural/unfinished, sealed and preweathered. When exposed to the elements, teak naturally turns a silvery gray over time. You can see this starting to happen to the furniture shown here, especially on the arms.

  • Can teak wood be red or darker?

  • Although teak wood has a very beautiful golden look, you can rest assured that if you want your teak a little more red or darker brown that you can achieve this project with ease. Teak is ageless. Did you know that teak furniture can last up to and over 100 years?

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