how does ashley furniture rate

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Just like most other furniture stores in the United States,Ashley Furniture uses a variable rate commission system. In this system,commission can vary depending on the volume of the sale,but it usually between5% and 45% of the total sale.

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  • How much does an Ashley Furniture sofa cost?

  • The prices for Ashley Furniture sofas fall in the range of $500 to around $2000. Ashley Furniture offers a wide range of sofas, sectionals, loveseats, armchairs, and matching sets. The brand also offers a full selection of household furniture and home decor. Overall, the price for an Ashley Furniture sofa ranges from $499 to $1999.

  • What is Ashley Furniture known for?

  • Ashley Furniture is known for its economical pricing and is popular for its frequent discounts. The price of Ashley Furniture products varies based on the selected product and its delivery and assembly method.

  • What are some of the problems with Ashley Furniture?

  • Many of Ashley Furniture complaints are due to poor after sale service and damaged/broken furniture. Some of their furniture was not delivered on time or broken upon delivery. Read all of Ashley ratings and reviews here.

  • What is Ashley Furniture return policy?

  • Products can be returned within 30 days with the purchase receipt. Defective items are replaced. Is Ashley Furniture real wood? Ashley Furniture pieces are made with engineered wood, a product that contains cellulose fibers and synthetic resin. The engineered wood is stable, millable and durable and takes paint well.

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