how do you glaze furniture

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  • How do you finish glazed wood furniture?

  • The glaze needs to be finished with an additional clear coat wood finish. Glaze is applied with a brush and wiped off with a cloth rag. You can achieve different effects by leaving behind different amounts of glaze and leaving it in corners and around edges of furniture.

  • What kind of glaze do you use on furniture?

  • We use Ralph Lauren Technique Glaze, but any technique glaze will do. Other common brands are Valspar, Dutch Boyand Martha Stewart. You won need more than a quart, unless you have an entire house full of furniture to glaze I wanted a dark brown glaze, so I used a mixture of black and brown latex paint that we had leftover.

  • What is the best way to apply paint glaze?

  • On large surfaces, the glaze can be applied in several stages, if necessary. Let the glaze dry until it starts to dull, as directed by the manufacturer. Then carefully wipe the glaze off with a soft cloth, flat surfaces first, so that the base coat retains color only at areas to be highlighted.

  • How do you use antiques glaze?

  • Antiquing glaze sets quickly, and the surfaces you glaze first will retain more color than the ones you glaze later. Working on one surface at a time, apply glaze to moldings, carvings, and decorated areas, and then to flat areas.

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