how do you distress a piece of furniture

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Distress the furniture Distressing the furniture with asanding block or sandpaper. A 320-grit sandpaper can do the trick. After you distress the furniture apply glaze on the surface.

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  • How do you make wood furniture look distressed?

  • Here How To Distress Wood Furniture 1 Prepare. Place a drop cloth on the floor where you work. … 2 Start sanding. After you have removed all the hardware, sand the surface of the furniture. … 3 Paint it. To create paint distressed look, use two paint colors. … 4 Apply wax. … 5 Distress wood. … 6 Stain and apply polyurethane. …

  • How do you Wet distress a piece of furniture?

  • Wet-Distressing Technique 1 Step 1) The first coat#N#Apply one coat of paint to your piece; let it dry completely. We recommend letting the first coat… 2 Step 2) The second coat#N#Apply a second coat in a different/contrasting color. Wait about 1-2 hours until the paint is… 3 Step 3) Distressing More …

  • How to distress paint on furniture?

  • If your furniture has paint or polyurethane on it, you will need to do a thorough sanding. This is the perfect time to soften the edges. Wipe down the furniture after you have sanded it. To create paint distressed look, use two paint colors. The base color will appear as you distress the top layer.

  • What is distressed wood furniture?

  • Distressed wood furniture is perfect for rooms decorated with flea market finds and antique treasures. Learn how to distress furniture in almost no time using this easy guide. Distress wood with this easy painting technique. Layers of color, plus a little sanding is all it takes to achieve this antiqued look.

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