how do you clean wicker furniture

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Regular cleaning of wicker furniture is necessary to keep it looking its best. Cleaning wicker furniture with amicrofiber or feather duster works,but so does a soft cloth or your soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. If using your vacuum,use the lowest suction setting to prevent any damage.

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  • How do you clean wicker furniture with dish soap?

  • After mixing a few drops of dish soap in a bucket with warm water, grab a clean microfiber cloth and dampen it with soapy water. According to Steve Evans, owner of the Tennessee-based cleaning service Memphis Maids, the cloth shouldn’t be soaked攋ust wet enough to clean the wicker piece’s fibers.

  • How do you clean wicker baskets?

  • A cleaner of one part bleach and one part water also works to kill mold and mildew. For deeper cleaning, wipe down the basket or furniture with a damp rag. To remove mold and mildew, mix vinegar and water in a bowl, dip a towel into the solution and wipe down the wicker. Use a clean damp rag to rinse the wicker from all vinegar residue.

  • How do you take care of a wicker chair?

  • Use a soft cloth and water to gently wipe down all surfaces of wicker to remove dirt and retain shine. Try using a mild soap on your cloth or sponge for more stubborn dirt and stains on your wicker, but follow by wiping with just water afterwards.

  • How do you clean Wicker patio cushions?

  • Before replacing the cushions, allow wicker to dry thoroughly in the sun; alternatively, use a hair dryer to hasten the process. An effective all-purpose cleaning solution for outdoor wicker furniture is 1/4 cup of liquid dish soap and two cups of warm water.

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