how do i give away furniture

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You can donate small furniture pieces bydropping them off in person at your nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which you can find by searching the store locator on the ReStore donation page. For larger pieces, you can schedule a free donation pickup. Just contact your local store to schedule it.

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  • How do I donate furniture?

  • To donate your furniture, visit PickUpMyDonation and enter your zip code to start a donation request, which includes listing the furniture you want to donate. PickUpMyDonation then informs local charities of your donation availability.

  • How can I get rid of my old furniture for free?

  • If nothing else works, you might get a stranger to take the furniture off of your hands for you. Write 淔REE?in large lettering on a piece of paper, tape it to the furniture, and set it on the side of a road, well out of the way of traffic.

  • How do you throw furniture away?

  • How you throw furniture away will largely depend on how much you need to get rid of and how quickly you want to get the job done. Before getting started, take inventory of the furniture you檙e removing, as well as any other junk you may be throwing out.

  • What to do with your unwanted furniture?

  • At CFRC we offer free and convenient collection services of your unwanted furniture so that we can offer a selection of good quality, affordable reused furniture and reasonably priced brand new white goods for those looking to furnish their homes on a budget.

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