how do i get scratches out of wood furniture

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Polish Off Scuffs and Minor Scratches. Often you can rehabilitate wooden furniture that’s been scuffed or scratched by giving it a good polish.Color in Scratches You Can See but Not Feel. Sometimes you’ll get scratches that create a discoloration in the wood,but they don’t have a groove that you can feel …Walnuts. Rub a shelled walnut in circular motions over the scratch. Give the area a few minutes for the oil from the nut to darken the wood.Black tea bag. Brew a small amount of strong black tea. …Coffee grounds. Dip a cotton swab in moist coffee grounds,and then apply it to the scratches in the wood. …Markers or colored pencils. Gently color in the area with a matching marker or colored pencil.

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  • How to fix scratches on wood furniture?

  • The wax will fill the scratch and hide the discoloration. Pick a wax crayon that matches your furniture. Apply the crayon to the scratch, and then rub the spot with your finger to blend the the finish. Remove any excess crayon wax, and then apply a wax or polish to the surface to restore the finish.

  • How do you get scratches out of a table top?

  • If your table is a dark wood finish, reach for the iodine, an antiseptic solution you can find at most pharmacies. Take a cotton swab and apply a few drops of iodine into the scratch, then immediately wipe away the excess so it doesn stain the surrounding wood.

  • How do you fix a scratch on a leather couch?

  • A single large scratch across the surface makes the furniture look used, but to restore it to a like-new condition, you have several options. Fill in the scratch with a felt-tip marker matched to the color of the stain, or dip a cotton-tipped stick into coffee grounds and lightly dab the scratch.

  • How do you get scratches out of hardwood floors with vinegar?

  • Using olive oil and vinegar: Combine 1 part white distilled vinegar and 2 parts olive oil. Whisk until completely mixed, then dab the mixture onto the scratch. The vinegar acetic acid helps fill the scratch, while the olive oil corrects the scratch color and moisturizes the wood.

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