how big are u haul furniture pads

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  • What are the dimensions of a UHaul quilted pad?

  • The U-Haul Quilted Pads are ideal for protecting furniture or large valuables from nicks, scratches and other damage while moving to a new home or to storage. These pads are heavy-duty and multipurpose. Pad dimensions: 72?x 80? 1/8?thick.

  • How much do the furniture pads cost at U-Haul?

  • The furniture pads start at $5 per half dozen. You will be able to add them to your U-Haul Online Truck Rental reservation at checkout or you can rent them individually at your local U-Haul Center when you rent your truck. I hope that’s helpful! Are they waterproof?

  • What are the dimensions of the furniture pad?

  • The dimensions of the furniture pad are 68 x 85. If that seems too small, you could use two pads and secure them with our Mover’s Stretch Wrap to keep them in place.

  • Can I rent a quilted blanket pad from U-Haul?

  • Specifically, our quilted pads are for sale, but cannot be rented. However, our Furniture Pads can be both purchased and rented at any U-Haul Location or with an online U-Haul equipment rental. I hope that is helpful! how heavy is one moving blanket? how many pads are there? is it just one or are there multiple pads? Hi, Chris!

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