does wood furniture need to match

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You don have to matchall the wood furniture in a room. In fact,your design may actually look much better if you throw away this old rule and go with pieces you love in the finishes you love. White and black walls and dcor are often used to complement each other. No one would say you can use them together.

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  • Should wood furniture finishes match?

  • However, all finishes do not have to match; a piece that provides high contrast to other furniture in the room becomes an effective focal point. Limiting wood finishes to two or three tone, and repeating these tones throughout the space creates harmony.

  • Do you need to match furniture with oak floors?

  • This living room illustrates how furniture can coordinate (without matching) for an interesting look. What more, you don even need to match your furniture with the finishes in your home! Just because you have golden oak wood floors and trim doesn mean you need to find furniture to match.

  • Should furniture match or coordinate?

  • Furniture should not match ?it should coordinate. What the difference between 渕atching?and oordinating??Plenty. Furniture that 渕atches?is all in the same style, wood, fabric or finish.

  • What is matching furniture?

  • Furniture that 渕atches?is all in the same style, wood, fabric or finish. The pieces are often selected from a 渟uite?of furniture, containing sofas in various sizes, chairs, ottomans and sometimes even side tables all in the same look and finish.

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