does value village pick up furniture

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Value Village accepts several types of small furniture, as well as textiles and other goods such as toys, media, kitchen utensils, outdoor and exercise equipment, and other knickknacks. They partner with over 100 not-for-profit groups, including Diabetes Canada as listed above.

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  • Why shop at Value Village Furniture Thrift Stores?

  • Furniture thrift stores aren all the same, and Value Village works hard to stand out from the rest. Our furniture thrift stores are always clean and well organized, so you檒l feel comfortable throughout your shopping experience, rather than overwhelmed or cramped.

  • Do you smell at Value Village?

  • Nope. But the smell was indeed stank and it seemed to stink up every corner of the popular Canadian thrift store, which is called 楽avers?in the United States. After careful inspection and a few frugal laps around the so-called 榲illage of value? I found the odorous source. THE PRICES! Have you smelled the prices at Value Village lately?

  • How long does value village hold 50% off items?

  • For a list of what is 50% off on certain days and in which location, click on the desired store location tab on the home page. Q- Do you hold merchandise? A- We will hold your merchandise for one hour and after that it will be returned to the sales floor. Q- Does Value Village take credit and debit cards?

  • How does donate to value village work?

  • Donate! When you donate items at Value Village, it translates into revenue for their 140 nonprofit partners across Canada, the U.S. and Australia. But of course, there something in it for you! When you donate your gently worn clothes, Value Village will give you a coupon for a specified dollar amount off your purchase of $10 or more.

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