does salvation army pick up furniture

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The Salvation Army providesfree furniture pickups for three items minimum,granted you live in the area they service. You can find the closest Salvation Army Thrift Store location by using the store locator on their website. Be sure to also check out their FAQ on donating here.

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  • Does Salvation Army pick up furniture from donation bins?

  • Donation pick up services is just one way they support their programs. Items that The Salvation Army accepts: They will take your furniture donations (other than those listed above), clothing, appliances, kitchen items, automobiles, and more. Also asked, does Salvation Army pick up furniture for free?

  • Does Salvation Army pick up clothes?

  • ?Typically most Salvation Army donation pickup programs accept clothing, furniture, shoes, books, toys. Just about anything. When you use the Donation Town directory you can get the local contact information for your Salvation Army donation pick-up service and ask them directly about specific questions regarding your donations.

  • What type of furniture does the Salvation Army take?

  • What type of furniture does the Salvation Army take? Types of items that are accepted as donations include: Clothing for men, women and children. Furniture in good condition (beds, dressers, chairs , sofas, tables, etc.) Appliances such as washers, dryers, air conditioners, stoves, microwaves, TVs and refrigerators are all accepted.

  • Does the Salvation Army take free donations?

  • By scheduling your free Salvation Army donation pickup today, you can help The Salvation Army support their charitable services. The Salvation Army thrift stores accept various household item donations, furniture donations and clothing donations.

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