does rent a center sell used furniture

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At Rent-A-Center,you can rent to own ?or purchase outright ?used furniture,appliances,computers,electronics and smartphones,making it even more affordable to get the items you want.

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  • Why rent-a-center furniture?

  • At Rent-A-Center, we not only have the sizes and styles of furniture that you want, but we offer flexible payment options that fit right within your budget too. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment plans and pick the date that works best for you.

  • Is rent-a-center a good place to buy used and refurbished products?

  • You know Rent-A-Center is your go-to store for renting brand name furniture, appliances, computers, electronics, and smartphones. Did you also know Rent-A-Center is one of the best places to buy used and refurbished products? Yep!

  • Where can I find previously rented items at rent-a-center?

  • Visit a Rent-A-Center store near you to discover a wide variety of previously rented products at a great price, including Ashley Furniture, Whirlpool appliances, HP computers, LG electronics and Samsung smartphones. Our previously rented inventory varies from store to store with different great deals available at each Rent-A-Center location.

  • Does rent-a-center do 50% off sale?

  • Many previously rented products are available for purchase at discounts of up to 50% off when compared to brand new items. That’s major savings, and one more way Rent-A-Center makes it affordable to bring home the brands you want, like Ashley Furniture, Whirlpool appliances, Asus or Acer computers, LG electronics, and Samsung smartphones.

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